Monday, January 31, 2011

Momma Monday

It's Monday which means it's time to vacuum, do laundry and plan meals [blah], but it's also time to reflect on the past week and what kind of success I've had as a mom.

Nothing too exciting happened this week, but there was a lot of strollering, sunshine, swing sets and giggles. It has been a glorious 70* and sunny here in Little Rock. From what I have seen online, it's snowing in Boulder right now, so I will stay put for a while :)

Yesterday, while I made pesto, toasted pecans, whipped together ingredients for dessert and boiled noodles [the kitchen looked like a science lab gone wrong], I made my first batch of baby food. The Bambino loves her mushed veggies and fruits, but I don't want to buy it all. So, I boiled down a bag of organic carrots, threw them in my awesome food processor (thanks, Husband) and pureed them into smithereens. I've now got a little stock-pile of food in the freezer. Bon appetite, little munchkin!

Today we are off to Joann's to spend a gift card to get the Etsy Shop up and going. It's called A Vintage Bambino. You like it? Hopefully it will be unveiled soon!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage Sheets

A stack of vintage sheets makes me smile. Why isn't bedding this beautiful anymore?

Now, let's see what I can craft up for you to enjoy out of these gorgeous things!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grown-Up Birthdays

I celebrated my 26th birthday this past week. I love birthdays. I love celebrating people and how God created them. It's so exciting!

We were in San Diego for a Converge assessment for the church plant we are doing in Boulder, CO. It was an insanely intense 4 days. We were quizzed, interviewed, met with a shrink, did many role playing activities and finally finished with a stamp of approval. After doing all of that with a baby on my hip and not enough sleep, we got to get out to La Jolla beach for my birthday.

Things change once you have a baby. Life becomes less spontaneous (because of diapers, runny noses and naps), but it's worth it. We spent some time strollering, talking to the seals, and soaking up the sun. We tried to have a nice dinner, but the bambino had a melt down, so we gobbled up our food and headed back to our hotel. The best birthday gift ever was spending that day with my little family of three. We had lots of giggles, sand under our feet, and got to bask in God's awesome, beautiful creation.

All in all, growing-up is weird, hard, and full of changes, but I wouldn't trade in those changes for anything.

How has your life been changing?


Monday, January 17, 2011

Momma Monday

Oh hey blog world!

One of my New Years Resolutions? Blog more.

Mondays are set aside on the blog to document why I rock as a mom. No, I'm not trying to be hot-headed or obnoxious, but as a momma, you need to take a break and reflect. Being a mom is amazing. It's incredible, rewarding and fun, but it's filled with worry, doubt and stress. I spend too much time worrying about my skills as a mom and how I am raising our little nugget. Here are some successful moments from the past week.

Momma Victory #1:
Not only did Santa bring a rocking high chair (thanks Ma!), Sophie digs it, and also looooves bananas and carrots. Feeding her
baby food has been hilarious, and, it gives dad a way to feed her and connect with her, which is awesome.

Momma Victory #2:
The little nugget is now a sitting master. She loves playing on the floor with her Discovery Cube. The cube may make some of the most obnoxious noises and plays unannounced sounds, but she loves it and therefore, I love it.

Momma Victory #3:
I can make her giggle! For a while, only dad could make her chuckle, but she now thinks my goofy faces are worthy of a little chortle. Hooray!

Happy Monday, friends. How did you rock this week?