Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grown-Up Birthdays

I celebrated my 26th birthday this past week. I love birthdays. I love celebrating people and how God created them. It's so exciting!

We were in San Diego for a Converge assessment for the church plant we are doing in Boulder, CO. It was an insanely intense 4 days. We were quizzed, interviewed, met with a shrink, did many role playing activities and finally finished with a stamp of approval. After doing all of that with a baby on my hip and not enough sleep, we got to get out to La Jolla beach for my birthday.

Things change once you have a baby. Life becomes less spontaneous (because of diapers, runny noses and naps), but it's worth it. We spent some time strollering, talking to the seals, and soaking up the sun. We tried to have a nice dinner, but the bambino had a melt down, so we gobbled up our food and headed back to our hotel. The best birthday gift ever was spending that day with my little family of three. We had lots of giggles, sand under our feet, and got to bask in God's awesome, beautiful creation.

All in all, growing-up is weird, hard, and full of changes, but I wouldn't trade in those changes for anything.

How has your life been changing?



  1. By watching in awe as my three children become amazing you, Mom

  2. Hi Ari,
    Fun blog. We met at the Babik's house over the holidays. Good to hear a little from your perspective. So excited for you and the mission God has you on.
    Tina Reiber