Monday, March 14, 2011

Momma Monday

Hey friends!

Mondays on the blog are used for looking back on the past week (that is if I get my act together and blog!). Being a momma is hard work. It is so easy to doubt yourself as a mom with the responsibility of raising up kiddos. Some of the best moms I know don't believe in themselves and that's bologna. Take some time today and think about how you rock!

This past week, we've been working on crawling. All of the "baby milestone" emails that I get say the bambino should be crawling by now. She's 8 months and is not crawling. This automatically throws up a red flag in my mind, but it shouldn't. She's physically developing perfectly. She's hilarious, babbles and laughs all day. She's rocking on her knees and attempting to get into the crawl position, but not trusting her arms. I finally realized there's nothing to worry about and I need to relax.

There's no crawling, but she's figured our how to log-roll all over the house. She seems pretty content with that. :)



  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to leave a reminder that you were announced as one of the winners of The Vintage Pearl giveaway on my blog awhile back.

    If you'd like to receive this prize, please contact me at angie(at)thearthurclan(dot)com by this Wednesday, March 16th. After that time a new winning name will be drawn.



  2. My son didn't crawl or walk when "they" said that he would be doing that...SO it's OK! I hope that you have a great week!