Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blogging Block

I haven't written in the space in a long time. I've been struggling with how to use this little spot on the internet and what it's meant to be. After spending over a month trying to digest the pros and cons of the blog world, the internet and social media, I really have zero conclusions. So, for now, I'll use this spot to document life as a church planter's wife, how the church plant is evolving and tidbits of my munchkin (alright, probably more than just tidbits).

Here's the latest on the church plant-
The website is almost complete! After some major hard work, is live. Check it out. We've also outgrown our living room, which is awesome, but also overwhelming. Starting in June we get to meet in this cute little place-

God is doing amazing things in Boulder. It has been amazing to see how He has brought together our leadership team, humbled all of us and how He has taught us to live together in community.

And the little munchkin? She's awesome.

She's army crawling, standing up on her own and eating everything in sight. Everyday she surprises me and everyday she makes me giggle. I don't think life gets much better than this :)



  1. I love that you have decided to share part of your story as church planters! It's so exciting that your church has grown and needs a bigger space to meet in.
    Also, your little girl is ADORABLE.

  2. Hey, I found your blog by your post at A Good Woman project and am really enjoying it. I'll definitely be back!