Monday, August 8, 2011

Horseshoe Market

This weekend I ventured out with some gal-pals to Denver's Horseshoe Market. You never know what to expect when you arrive at a handmade/vintage market, but this one was amazing!

We met some wonderful vendors and found some great goodies. It was blazing hot, but that didn't stop us. It was so fun to have some girl time and chat it up with local artists.

One of our first finds was Larka Designs. Holly had some amazing headbands, brooches and necklaces. I made sure to snag this one before we left. It's laser cut wood. How cool is that?

Next we wandered through the booth for Sister Hipster. She had some amazing nursing covers, dish towels, hair clips, buntings and more. Oh my was it beautiful!

And finally, I got to meet Alissa from Three Leaves Toys! I was the winner of their very fist giveaway, and sine then we have been friends via Twitter. It is so fun to meet internet friends in real life and you could tell that Alissa is a wonderful gal. If you have a teething youngster or older, make sure to grab one of their beautiful wooden toys. Our munchkin loves hers!

If you are in the Denver/Boulder/front range area, you have got to make it to the next Horseshoe market on October 1st. I plan on doing a lot of Christmas shopping then. It was such a wonderful adventure!



  1. It was so fun meeting you! We are planning a long weekend in Boulder for the Firefly Handmade Market and would love to see you! Maybe we could do lunch or coffee?

  2. Oh what a great shot of my thermos's!! thanks for sharing!
    modern memories