Friday, June 25, 2010

Bagel Baking

I've always wanted to make bagels, but the task seemed scary and daunting. Why try and bake something when you can get great ones down the street? Well, with a little inspiration, I did it! I used this recipe.

First, start with these basic ingredients:

Mix it all together and kneed for 10 minutes. (do I look like I'm 39 weeks pregnant?)

Then you break it into pieces and let them rest. We also used this time to toast our toppings. We chose these wonderful delights:

Then, you boil the bagels for a minute on each side.

Dip your bagels in your toasted toppings. Here's my sister roasting. She's a babe.

You have to bake the bagels and flip them during the process. After all of those simple steps, you get something that looks similar to this:

Pretty awesome, right? I think next on the list is a cinnamon- raisin bagel. I also want to try making blueberry bagels. Matt and I were coming up with some tasty creations, so get ready! Maybe I'll find some great ingredients at the Farmer's Market tomorrow. It sure would be nice to have all sorts of bagels around when the baby arrives and the family gets here. But when will that be?

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  1. Take my word for it they are awesome.