Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Introducing Baby America

My due date is July 4th, 2010, just under 4 weeks from now. From the moment we found that out, all sorts of nicknames have been floating around for the wee one in my belly. "Baby America" seems to have stuck (thank you Kim and Chase). Kim and I even found a nice red, white, and blue get-up if she decides to arrive in time to wear it. I sure would appreciate it if she made an early appearance.

We decided not to legally name the kiddo "Baby America." Not only would she have been made fun of a fair amount in school, but she would end up hating her mother and father, I'm sure!

Introducing... Sophia Maria...

This ultrasound was done about 16 weeks ago, so I'm hoping she looks a little more human and less like an alien. I'm predicting lots of hair. What do you think?