Sunday, October 17, 2010

i love this lamp

A few years ago I bought this dumpy old lamp at a yard sale...

I love the glass portion and had big plans for this vintage lamp. Three years later...

I finally made it over! I covered the lamp shade, cleaned the base and painted the wood portion. It really makes our living room feel a lot more like home.

Sophie hung out like a champ during this project...

What projects are you working on?


  1. I've got big projects in the works. But, it's still a secret right now. You will find out soon though!

  2. it looks amazing, ari! i love lamp makeovers! a few weeks ago, i spruced up a boring old lampshade with fabric flowers and greeen lace trim- funky!

  3. oooo lace trim sounds wonderful!

  4. Hey Ari! I didn't know you blogged!

    Love a simple redo that spruces things up a bit! Looks great!

    <3 Tosh