Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coming Soon... Seriously!

I've been talking a lot about this "upcoming Etsy shop" that I am opening. I promise, it will actually happen. Turns out having an infant is more of a time commitment than I thought :)

I've been busing cutting, sewing and pinning vintage sheets and rick-rack. The shop will have Dinner Napkins (double-sided napkins with vintage patterns and rick-rack), Lunch Napkins (smaller, with
vintage pattern on one side and white fabric on the other), magnets and Pop of Vintage brooches. Hopefully I'll have some photos for you soon!

I'll also be listing all sorts of vintage goodies for your home. I've got
those photos taken and hope to have them up soon, but here's a sneak peak....

vintage Pyrex butter dish

fishy fishy Vintage pot

olivetti typewriter

I love thrifting and searching for the hidden vintage treasures. I am currently searching for some red moccasins. What are you looking for?



  1. I'm looking for carousel things, shelves and tables, typewriters, vases, vintages I'm looking for a lot. :)

  2. I'm looking for belts...cute belts, and vintage buttons:)