Monday, February 7, 2011

Momma Monday

Happy Monday, friends!

I use this space on Mondays to reflect on the past week and to stop doggin' on myself as a momma. If you have a kiddo or two, you know that being a mom is filled with worry and doubt. Well, enough of that! Let's start celebrating milestones and stop dwelling on the "what-ifs."

This week, oh man, this week was awesome. Simply, awesome. You may be wondering, "why?" Well, we cut out the late night feeding and can put the munchkin down at 8:00. It's glorious. It's amazing. It gives the hubby and I at least 2 hours of alone time to feel like grown-ups again! We spend time watching movies, reading books, and just talking. Talking about the day and about our worries and excitement about life. It's wonderful.

Munchkin is also taking 2 naps a day and I'm putting her down without rocking her (miracle). She usually fights it for a few minutes, but realizes that sleeping will make us all much more happy! Woop!

In other news, the Etsy shop is on it's way to being stocked and open soon! I'm in the process of sewing napkin after napkin. That's right, napkins! They are beautiful, vintage and full of rick-rack and pizazz. Get pumped! There will be all sorts of other little goodies, too :)

Have a happy, wonderful, confident, Monday!


  1. I remember that milestone....very nice;) I also remember the day the 2 naps went down to one, and then none....oy.

  2. I'm dreading dropping naps! :)